Traveling Tales–Bring Me To Your Campus

I am committed to making the workplace of higher education a supportive, constructive, and meaningful endeavor.

I bring all this experience to bear in my work as a consultant.  I lead workshops, facilitate meetings, and offer coaching in three key areas:

  1. Curriculum and programming: helping academic departments enhance their cohesiveness, outreach, and enrollments by developing strong curricula and programming
  2. Faculty development: supporting faculty who choose to make the transition to administration
  3. Promoting the humanities: enhancing the visibility of the humanities on campuses through curricular and programmatic initiatives.

I have worked with colleagues at Cal State Northridge, Hofstra University, the University of Missouri at St. Louis, and Carthage College.  I have been a facilitator at the American Historical Association’s 2018 and 2019 Workshop for Department Chairs.  I will also be a facilitator at the 2020 workshop.

Skeptical about consultants?  I am, too!  But sometimes a department or a campus needs an outsider’s perspective.  And I’m the perfect combination–I’m an outsider, who’s also an insider to the academy.  So I promise no management-speak or gimmicky group work.  Just straight talk and practical solutions based on conversations with you and your colleagues.  

I have worked with colleagues in a variety of areas including:

  • guiding departments through curricular change
  • preparing faculty for careers in administration
  • facilitating professional development for administrators (work-life balance, productivity, morale)
  • providing training and preparation for department chairs, especially in history and the humanities
  • helping academic units identify their purpose and goals
  • addressing the concerns of women in higher ed
  • conducting program reviews, for both internal and external assessment

*Rates: Negotiable; depending upon the work involved and the number of participants, my daily rate begins at $1000/day + travel expenses.  Typically meetings or workshops take from 1-2 days. 

I can also provide individual consultations/coaching and I am available as a speaker on any of the topics described above (fees negotiable).

I am happy to provide references from colleagues who have worked with me.  My current cv is available here.

Contact me at talestoldoutofschool ~ at ~ gmail ~ dot ~ com if you’re interested in having me visit your campus.  Or fill out an interest form and we can start planning a visit.