About Tales

Tales Told Out of School is the blog of a fairly typical former department chair, now dean, at a regional public university.  The goal of the blog is to provide insight, lessons learned the hard way, and other support and advocacy for “middle management” faculty administrators like department chairs, school directors, and deans.

With over ten years of administrative experience, I offer workshops and professional development services designed to promote collaboration and #academickindness in higher ed work environments.  I have worked with colleagues in a variety of areas including:

  • facilitating professional development for administrators (work-life balance, productivity, morale)
  • helping academic units identify their purpose and goals
  • preparing faculty for careers in administration
  • addressing the concerns of women in higher ed
  • guiding departments through curricular change
  • changing campus, institutional, and departmental cultures to promote collaboration and respect

Contact me at talestoldoutofschool ~ at ~ gmail ~ dot ~ com if you’re interested in having me visit your campus.

Follow me on Twitter @school_tales

My cv is available here


Though my focus here is on the role of higher ed administrators, in the other part of my scholarly life I write about nuns and convents in early modern Spain and England.  My teaching portfolio includes courses on the history of Bubonic plague, golden-age Spain, and early modern women.

I hold an endowed chair in the humanities and engage in humanities advocacy as well.


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