It’s a New Year–Welcome

So with the advent of a new academic year, and because over the summer I added some new Twitter followers, I thought I’d say welcome and provide a smattering of what the work of this blog and my other higher ed publications are all about.

My most recent publication is a good indication of what matters to me: being thoughtful and attentive to how we do the work we do in higher education.

In short, I am deeply committed to making the workplace of higher education a supportive, constructive, and meaningful endeavor.  With nearly 25 years experience in higher ed, over a decade of that spent in administrative roles, I have worked with colleagues to help faculty be effective administrators, to enhance the cohesiveness and effectiveness of academic departments, and to build collaboration and #academickindness in higher ed work environments.  In my blog posts and publications in Inside Higher Ed and the Chronicle of Higher Education (sample below, see “Recently Published Tales” above for more) I advance ideas and practices to promote these goals.

Click here or the link above for “Traveling Tales,” if you’re interested in working with me and having me visit your campus.  For a sampling of what I’m passionate about, these links are a good start.

On Women in the Academy

#metoo in the MeantimeInside Higher Ed, May 18, 2018

Of Surgeries and Superwomen

On Preparing Faculty to be Administrators–and why we should be

Stop Calling It the Dark SideInside Higher Ed, June 14, 2017

In Our Own BackyardsInside Higher Ed, June 16, 2016

Faculty Morale

It Goes to Eleven

We Are All Bunnies


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